„The actors were outstanding“ – Schülermeinungen zum White Horse Theatre

‚In our class we worked on a theatre play called ‘Move to Junk’. I understood everything of what the actors said and how they felt. My expectations were satisfied. The actors involved the audience. I liked the theatre play because they performed very well and you had to think about it afterwards. There was a message behind the theatre play: You shouldn’t bully other people or talk about others. You should think about how the others feel when you offend them. I would watch the theatre play again and recommend it to others.‘ (Marie-Celine, 9a)

‚First we read a bit of the text in school. I liked that because I could earn some good oral marks.The theatre was cool and exciting. I understood all actors, but the actor who played Stuart the most.
The stage looked nice. In my opinion the theatre was a good idea. I would enjoy it, if they made a another play next year. My expectation was that the theatre would be boring, but it wasn’t.'(Timo, 9a)

‚We live in a modern society and in my opinion cyberbullying is an important topic. It’s one of the worst things in the world. I understood everything. The actors were outstanding. I would watch the theatre again. It was wonderful. This theatre should be at every school.‘ (Ibrahim, 9a)

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